Esseco UK have developed and manufactured a variety of different de-icing & anti-icing products for use on commercial and military runways, taxiways and walkways. They are primarily used at national and international airports but have additional functionality in railway terminals, car parks, tunnels and general public areas.

Tested and approved to SAE AMS standards, our Safegrip® range of products provide a complete all round package for anti-icing and de-icing.

  • Safegrip® Plus is a thickened potassium acetate based de-icer offering superior anti-icing and de-icing functionality, as well as being non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.
  • Safegrip® FR is potassium formate based and provides additional environmental and technical performance for specific locations.
  • Safegrip® ECO2 is a new super-high active content potassium acetate/formate mix based de-icer with a unique proprietary formulation designed to provide optimum de-icing and anti-icing performance under all conditions.
  • Safegrip® TM Plus has recently been introduced as an environmentally friendly, non-corrosive, high performance anti-icing and de-icing liquid for roads, bridges, car parks and tunnels.
  • Safegrip® SF, a solid runway de-icer completes this comprehensive range of products for use airside.
  • Safegrip® is a registered trade mark of Esseco UK Limited

Advice and training on the use of our de-icing products can also be provided, along with technical assistance on storage solutions.

For further information about our de-icing products, please visit our dedicated website