Esseco UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Esseco Group, a family owned Italian industrial chemical group that has focused on the manufacture of inorganic chemicals and winemaking products for more than a century.

Esseco UK manufactures a wide range of high-quality sodium, ammonium and potassium derivatives for global supply into a broad range of different industries including water treatment, oil and gas, feed and food, agriculture and specialty de-icing.

Esseco UK was originally founded in 1878 and today still operates from its original site in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Esseco UK has grown substantially during the last decade and progress will continue through planned investment in and development of its core skills and technologies.

Our current range of products revolves around the use of several key raw materials including Sulphur, Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia, Alkali Hydroxides, Allyl Chloride and several key organic acids.

The Company places a strong emphasis on the quality of its products and services, of which adherence to its Corporate Policies and ISO 9001:2015 play an integral part.


Esseco Group is active in the development, production and commercialisation of products that are used indirectly by at least one billion people each year in everyday life.

Research by Group and local subsidiaries ensure that we continuously identify new applications for our products and services such as food additives, food and animal feed integrators, oenological products, products for the vulcanisation of rubber, products for production of high efficiency batteries, medicine and personal hygiene products, chemical fixatives for photography and radiology, anti-fungus products and fertilisers for agriculture, whitening products for the paper and pulp industry, adhesive products for the furniture industry, airport runway and specialised de-icers, industrial detergents for high specification cleaning and many more applications.

Esseco is a private family owned industrial group with a century of history and currently has direct subsidiary companies in 15 countries employing more than 1,200 people.

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Esseco UK Limited is the current incarnation of a company that was originally founded in 1878 as Dyson Sons and Brotherton.

Its founder, Edward Brotherton, the eldest of six children from a Manchester family involved in the textile trade, was born in 1856. Esseco UK was initially formed as a joint venture company between Esseco Group Srl and Brotherton Speciality Products Limited in 2006. Brotherton Speciality Products Limited was subsequently acquired by Esseco Group Srl from Church & Dwight in 2008. The aquisition was made to both enhance Esseco’s position for the manufacture and supply of sulphites in the UK and Northern European markets and to add new additional products to the Esseco Group portfolio.


Esseco UK follow the principles of SUPPORT in everything we do:
Safety first: Always.
Understanding: We communicate clearly and have a willingness to listen.
Pride: We take pride in what and how we do things.
Personal Accountability: We deliver what we promise.
Openness and honesty: We build relationships that are based upon openness and honesty.
Respect: We show respect for each other, property and the environment.
Teamwork: We promote teamwork and co-operation at all levels.



Our know how, flexible thinking and fast action, the pursuit of the highest technological standards and the evolution of the concept of customer service are Esseco’s key ingredients for the establishment of a true and properous partnership with customers.


Esseco Group operates globally to deliver the best possible quality for its customers’ requirements by working in close proximity to them. We operate safe and efficient business processes in all of our customer markets.


We always want to keep growing every day. Our passion, responsibility and receptiveness helps create the best solutions in order to bring added value to all of our customers’ businesses and at the same time, offer the world safer and technologically improved products.