Esseco UK’s production facilities are designed, built and operated to meet the needs of our customers and to comply with our quality and regulatory requirements.

Our production plants comprise of both batch and continuous processes. The use of batch reactors means that we can offer flexible and efficient responses to customer requirements.

Our batch production plants include reaction vessels ranging in size from 5,000 to 24,000 litres, producing an extensive portfolio of products in line with sales forecasts, customer requirements and the needs of the marketplace. The majority of our plants and site facilities operate continuously, 24/7/365. We also have onsite bulk storage, with individual tank capacities up to 1,000 tonnes, together with onsite and offsite warehousing for both raw materials and finished products.

A key part of the operation is our experienced product development team who work closely with our customers to develop new products as well as continuously improving our manufacturing processes to maximise efficiencies in raw material and resource usage, improving long-term sustainability and environmental impact.

Since 2008, Esseco UK has grown substantially, with year on year investment in new plant and equipment. Our aim is to provide sustainable production and long-term supply security to our customers.

Our Chemical Division has production sites around the world: