■ Anti-icing and de-icing

Safegrip® FR is a clear, near colourless liquid de-icer for use on airport runways, taxiways, tunnels and bridges.
The product is manufactured from Potassium Hydroxide and Formic Acid and corrosion inhibitors.
The product is typically supplied in bulk tankers, 200 litres drums, 1000 litre IBC’s.


■ Product data and typical properties

Specific gravity (20°C): : 1.33 (typical) (equivalent to 1.33 kg/L)
Freezing point: less than -60°C
Water miscibility: Completely miscible
Conductivity (20°C): 170 milliSiemens (typical)
Viscosity (20°C): less than 10 mPa.s
Viscosity (0°C):  less than 10 mPa.s
Not flammable

■ Main product specifications

Appearance: colourless to pale straw liquid

Specific Gravity (20°C): 1.32-1.36
Composition: % Potassium Formate  > 50% w/w (equivalent to approximately 650 g/L) 10.5-11.2
pH (20°C, neat): 10.5-11.2

The product is tested using our standard analytical methods.

■ Handling and storage

Shelf Life: Minimum shelf life of 3 years, but essentially infinite.
Storage Conditions: At ambient environmental temperatures in sealed drums or IBCs as supplied, or in a closed bulk tank of suitable construction.


■ Packaging

  • Road tankers, according to transport regulations.
    1000 litre Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), 200 and 25 litre polyethylene drums.


For handling information please consult the documentation