■ Anti-icing and de-icing

Safegrip® Plus is a thickened liquid de-icer for use on airport runways, taxiways, tunnels and bridges.
The product is a clear, near colourless liquid manufactured from Potassium Hydroxide and Glacial Acetic Acid and corrosion inhibitors.
The product is typically supplied in bulk tankers, 200 litres drums, 1000 litre IBC’s.


■ Product data and typical properties

Specific gravity (20°C): : 1.29 (typical) (equivalent to 1.28 kg/L)
Freezing point: less than -60°C
Water miscibility: Completely miscible
Conductivity (20°C): 91 milliSiemens (typical)
Viscosity (0°C): less than 120 mPa.s (25 mPa.s typical)

Not flammable

■ Main product specifications

Appearance: colourless to pale straw liquid

Specific Gravity (20°C): 1.29±0.2
pH (20°C, neat): 10.6±0.2

The product is tested using our standard analytical methods.

■ Handling and storage

Shelf Life: Minimum shelf life of 3 years, but essentially infinite.
Storage Conditions: At ambient environmental temperatures in sealed drums or IBCs as supplied, or in a closed bulk tank of suitable construction.


■ Packaging

  • Road tankers, according to transport regulations.
    1000 litre Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), 200 and 25 litre polyethylene drums.


For handling information please consult the documentation