A Solar Panel Roof

Advancements toward sustainable chemistry require a reduction in consumption and a genuine commitment to transitioning energy sources, particularly for large companies.

Esseco UK and Esseco Industrial, part of the Esseco Group, understand the energy intensive nature of the chemical sector and challenges associated with achieving economically and environmentally sustainable production however, this does not impact Esseco Groups commitment and investment in energy transition projects.


Since 2022, Esseco UK has launched a number of initiatives with the primary objective of transitioning to renewable energy sources, reducing reliance on the grid and minimising fossil fuel consumption.

Esseco UK is currently running two key projects aimed at achieving sustainability objectives. Significant investment has been made in the design and installation of a new burner, the burner features an energy recovery system for steam and electricity production.

In parallel to this Esseco UK are introducing a new solar panel system to the Wakefield Production Site. The panels will cover approximately 250mq and reduce electricity usage from the grid by 65MWh per annum.

Esseco UK‘s short-term goal is to reduce the carbon footprint by 68% and slash fossil fuel consumption at the Calder Vale Road site by 95% by the end of 2024. This ambitious target is achievable through the study and execution of a portfolio of high-tech investment projects aligned with the entire Esseco Group‘s ESG values.